Cone Beam CT Imaging Technology

Cone Beam CT Imaging Technology

Digital Imaging for Dental Diagnostics

Digital imaging is an important part of modern dentistry. Many people underestimate just how far the teeth extend below the gum line, and since this area isn’t visible to the naked eye, dental professionals need to rely on technology to enable them to see what is happening beneath the surface. Not only does digital imaging enable our dental team to view the areas of your teeth that are hidden from view, but we can also check out all of the supporting structures to ensure that they are healthy too.

In the past, dental professionals were restricted to conventional x-ray imaging and, if restorations were being made, taking messy impressions using putty. Fortunately, the technology in modern dentistry has evolved substantially and today, a revolutionary new imaging solution known as cone beam 3D imaging, or a CBCT scan for short, has transformed the diagnostic and treatment processes. CBCT scanning combines both conventional radiographs (x-rays) and CT technology, producing high-resolution, 3D cross-sectional images that offer a superior visual perspective. This unique viewpoint enables much more accurate and precise diagnosis as well as planning and execution of treatment.

We are delighted to now offer cone-beam CT imaging at our offices in Arlington, TX.

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Key benefits of Cone Beam CT Imaging

  • Reduced treatment time. CBCT scanning can be performed in just a few minutes. This also makes it a very valuable tool for patients who have cognitive or physical disabilities that prevent them from cooperating with instructions for any extended period of time.

  • The images obtained are of superior quality compared to what can be achieved with conventional methods. This enables greater accuracy and precision.

  • Avoid the need for messy and unpleasant putty-based impressions.

  • Less radiation than is needed in conventional radiographs.

How is CBCT scanning used in dentistry?

Cone beam scanning is a highly effective tool in a number of different dental treatments and therapies, including:

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the single most effective way of replacing teeth that have been lost or needed extraction. The process involves placing a titanium post into the lower jaw, and this is done through an incision into the gum tissue. The bone heals around the post to secure it. However, the gums and bone contain a number of important structures, including important nerves. Accurate planning of the placement of the implant posts is essential in order to avoid trauma or damage. For dental implants to be successful, there needs to be sufficient healthy bone in the jaw. CBCT scanning can also help us to assess the quality and density of the bone in your jaw, enabling us to decide if you are a suitable candidate for dental implants.

Periodontal Surgery

Our gums play a vitally important role in securing our teeth. However, the soft tissue is easily affected by bacteria and infection. Gum disease is a very common problem amongst patients and is caused by the spread of bacteria-filled plaque onto the gums. Inflammation, irritation, infection ensue. Without prompt treatment, the gums can recede, the jawbone can become compromised and tooth loss is inevitable. Fortunately, cone-beam CT imaging enables us to see the extent of the damage to the gums, and to plan periodontal surgeries to treat the condition and rectify any damage that may have occurred. This can include the removal of infected gum tissue, crown lengthening, and even gum grafting.

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