Diagnostic Dentistry

Diagnostic Dentistry in Arlington, Texas

Diagnosis is a key component of the success of any dental treatment. Failure to accurately understand the root cause of your dental problem can mean that it goes unaddressed while you undergo unnecessary treatment. This can be expensive, uncomfortable and in some instances, lead to further dental problems developing while you are still suffering as a result of the original problem.

Our dedicated and experienced team has all of the knowledge and training to be able to able to diagnose any issues, we also have a range of professional tools at our disposal to ensure that our patients receive the greatest possible care.

Diagnostic Imaging – Digital Radiographs

One of the best ways to obtain an accurate dental diagnosis is to undergo diagnostic imaging. One of the most efficient and successful diagnostic imaging tools is digital radiography.

More commonly known as x-rays, this technique is an excellent way of visualizing those internal structures of the mouth that aren’t normally visible to the naked eye. Most people associate radiography with broken bones, but the truth is that they can also reveal a good deal about the health and condition of the mouth and jaw. This is particularly important since at least half of an adult tooth is buried beneath the surface of the gums, extending into the jawbone. Our digital x-rays can provide clear, detailed images that illustrate the health and condition of your jaw, teeth, tooth enamel and even any restorations that you have, such as a crown or bridge. We can even detect cavities that may be forming between your teeth – enabling us to recommend action that you can take to prevent these from worsening and facilitating early treatment if required.

Benefits of Digital Radiographs

Some of the key advantages of digital radiographs include:

- The ability to view the imaged area immediately on a screen in the room with no wait for processing time.

- Enhanced visualization of the area due to our team being able to digitally enhance the image on the computer screen.

- There is less radiation used in digital radiographs than conventional x-rays.

- Your images can be digitally sent to another office or professional if a second opinion is required, or to insurance companies to help speed up any claim that you may need to make.

- Digital radiographs are environmentally friendly since there is no need for film or film processing chemicals.

- Your digital radiographs can be stored more easily online and accessed anytime and, in some cases, in any location where access has been granted.

Are X-Rays Safe?

The safety of x-rays is something that many patients have concerns about. Fortunately, digital x-rays require the use of even less radiation than conventional radiography, meaning that the process is extremely safe. We will never take radiographs unnecessarily and all precautions will be taken to ensure your safety.

Intraoral Cameras

As we know, not every dental problem can be viewed with the naked eye, nor not necessarily with a pair of loupes (dental magnification glasses). Fortunately, intraoral cameras make the visualization of internal oral structures easier than ever before. Despite being not much larger than your average pen, these devices produce images of exceptional clarity that can be magnified up to 25 times. The process is non-invasive and is performed while you are in the comfort of our dental chair. We can then share these images with you to show you any areas of concern, before storing them on your dental record for future reference.

PreXion 3D Imaging


There may be occasions whereby we ideally need to see the internal structures of your mouth in glorious 3D. Fortunately, this is made possible thanks to PreXion 3D imaging. PreXion uses advanced cone-beam computer tomography – known as CBCT, to take a series of images of the inside of your mouth and turn them into 3D, 360° images that enable us to see the anatomical structure of your mouth and teeth from every single angle. This increases our ability to identify and diagnose decay and oral diseases much sooner before they progress into problems that have severe symptoms and are much more difficult and expensive to treat.

If you would like any more information on the diagnostic services we provide and the equipment that we use, our expert team would be happy to answer your questions. Please call our office in Arlington, TX today.