Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentist in Arlington, TX

We are here to treat our patients in the event of a dental emergency -- including chipped teeth, broken fillings, or other accidental injuries. Typically, immediate care is the best way to prevent further damage to an injured tooth. We can also see patients right away if they are experiencing dental pain or discomfort. When a patient experiences dental pain or discomfort it could be something simple like an object or food particle being stuck under the gums, or as serious as an abscessed tooth. If this tooth pain or discomfort is preventing you from going through your normal routine, do not hesitate to call your Arlington emergency dentist today!

COVID-19 Update

While we are unable to see regularly scheduled patients at this time, here at our Arlington office, we are able to see emergency dental patients. Please do not hesitate to call immediately if you are experiencing any dental pain or discomfort.