Invisalign vs. Smile Club

Invisalign vs. Smile Club

If you require orthodontic treatment, but you don’t like the idea of conventional metal braces, there is an alternative style of solution – clear aligners. Clear aligners are a modern, comfortable, and much more convenient way of moving the position of the teeth and jaws into a more desirable position and decrease the risk of dental health issues. This is important because teeth that are poorly aligned are more likely to be at risk of developing dental issues such as damage, decay, and gum disease. All of which could have serious consequences for your oral and general health.


There are several brands of orthodontic solutions that use clear aligners, with two of the most popular being Invisalign and Smile Club. Despite sharing the same technique and basic design, the treatments do have some distinct differences that patients need to be aware of before deciding on which option is the right one for them. Here’s what you need to know to help you to make your decision.


How do clear aligners work?

If you haven’t come across a clear aligner solution before, you may not understand how it works. Clear aligners, which are usually made from soft, transparent plastic and are worn over the top of the teeth in a manner that is similar to a mouthguard. Each set of aligners is custom designed specifically for the individual needs of each patient so that they fit snugly, but also apply consistent gentle pressure to the teeth and jaws in order to move them into the desired position. Each treatment plan comprises of a series of aligners that must be worn in the correct order as each aligner represents a different stage in the treatment program.


Clear aligners are removable and must be taken out for cleaning and eating which is great because it enables you to thoroughly clean your natural teeth without wires or brackets getting in the way and also allows you to eat what you want without compromise. However, you must remember to put the aligners back in immediately afterward as the treatment is based on them being worn for a minimum of 22 hours each day.


Invisalign and Smile Club: The key differences

Treatment planning

Invisalign treatment can only be provided by a professional who has undergone specific training and is a registered supplier of the program. Not only will you meet with your provider face to face to determine if you are a good candidate for the treatment, but you will also have your teeth scanned using cutting edge mapping technology in your provider’s offices. The results of this scan will be used to plan the way in which your teeth and jaw need to move for the treatment to be successful which will be converted into stages with an aligner made for each. Once the aligners have been created, you will be able to take them home to continue your treatment. However, you will still need to visit your provider on a semi-regular basis so that they can check on the progress of your orthodontic treatment.


Smile Club treatment planning is done remotely. Instead of visiting a professional to undergo an assessment of your teeth and in-office planning, the process takes place via teledentistry. This means video messaging and other similar tools will be used to plan and execute the creation of your aligners, although in some cases you will be able to visit a SmileShop to obtain a scan of your teeth similar to that used in Invisalign. Once the aligners have been created, they will be sent to your home and the progress of your treatment will be carried out via teledentistry.


Aligner comfort

Invisalign aligners are well known for having some of the most comfortable aligners available for orthodontic treatment. Not only are they designed with extreme accuracy and precision thanks to the advanced scanning tool used to plan your treatment, but they are also made using their own patented SmartTrak material which is considered softer and more comfortable than alternative materials, while also retaining its durability.


The aligners that are made using Smile Club and other remote teledentistry orthodontic treatment providers may not be as accurate in terms of their fit, and this may mean that they aren’t as comfortable as Invisalign aligners.

Treatment cost

Smile Club is largely considered a more affordable orthodontic solution when compared to Invisalign, primarily because treatment times are often shorter and therefore fewer aligners are needed. However, this can mean that Smile Club is less effective at addressing moderate to severe orthodontic issues in that shorter space of time. Similarly, patients who choose Smile Club do not get anywhere near the same level of personal service as those who undergo Invisalign treatment. Despite being initially more expensive, many experts and patients agree that Invisalign represents much better value for money in terms of the investment you are making in your smile.



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