Is it possible to have perfectly white teeth?

Is it possible to have perfectly white teeth?

When we switch on our televisions, look online or read a magazine, we are inundated with images of people with bright, white and attractive teeth. These individuals often seem to have it all – health, happiness and success, and this attribute has created a standard of appearance that millions of people aspire to.


Unfortunately, this color smile isn’t something that many of us can achieve without the intervention and support of a cosmetic dentist. This is because, contrary to popular belief, teeth are not naturally white. The outermost layer, known as the enamel, is actually transparent and the color of our teeth is determined by both the color of the middle layer, known as the dentin, and whether or not the enamel has been affected by things that your teeth have come into contact with, such as red wine, coffee and nicotine. Factors that can affect the color of the dentin include ageing, damage to the pulp which is the central layer of the tooth, and genetics.


While reducing the exposure of your teeth to products and environmental elements that could stain them will help to reduce discoloration, it is impossible to reverse the process unless you opt for a cosmetic dentistry procedure known as teeth whitening.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a form of cosmetic dentistry that focuses on reducing the evidence of stains and discoloration on the teeth and helps them to become whiter and brighter than they were before. The way in which teeth whitening does this is through a chemical reaction. This occurs when the bleaching agent comes into contact with the special curing light that is directed on to your teeth at the end of your procedure. There are other over-the-counter products including toothpastes that claim to have the same capability without the need for a curing light. However, since the strength of bleach that is approved for use in over-the counter products is so weak, it is nearly impossible for patients to achieve the shade of whiteness that they would like without extensive and consistent use.

Is it possible for me to achieve perfectly white teeth?

Exactly how effective teeth whitening will be will and the final color that you can achieve will primarily depend on the starting color of your teeth. If your smile is very badly discolored or stained, you will almost certainly need multiple sessions of tooth whitening in order to lighten your teeth to a significantly improved color. Nevertheless, it is important to note that if your smile is badly discolored, it may not be possible to achieve perfectly white teeth. Our cosmetic dentist will be able to give you a fairly accurate indication as to the maximum improvement you can expect to see and how many sessions of whitening it is likely to take.


Whether your teeth are slightly darker than you would like, or severely stained, teeth whitening can transform the appearance of your smile and give you greater confidence in your appearance. Contact us to schedule a consultation appointment with our experienced and knowledgeable cosmetic dentistry team.