My Tooth Looks Black Under My Crown

My Tooth Looks Black Under My Crown

Is it normal for my tooth to look black under my crown?

It’s not supposed to darken. Most of the time, tooth discoloration is caused by bacteria getting in the dental crown. It can also be the result of inadequate seal on the crown. It could be a cavity. But most of the time, it’s not.  If you are saying “My Tooth Looks Black Under My Crown”, keep reading.

Another reason for the discoloration is a stain from a filling that was previously in the restored tooth.

Whatever the reason of dark enamel and tooth discoloration is, you should  consult us as soon as possible. This is especially true if the discoloration is associated with pain.

How to Remedy A Discolored Dental Crown?

A discolored dental crown can only be whitened by a professional through a dental procedure. This dental procedure is specific for dental crowns. That said, you can’t use any type of whitening products.

We will investigate the cause of the discoloration. We may recommend specialized whitening polish to restore the crown’s color. Dentists don’t use whitening strips for this situation. The reason for this is that these strips will only break down the material of the crown, causing them to be more susceptible to stains.

To avoid dental crowns discoloring, you should make sure that you’re following the cleaning procedure as recommended by our office. It’s ideal that you brush your teeth twice a day to minimize the stains on your crown. It will also help in preventing any plaque buildup.

It’s also highly recommended that you floss in between the crowns. Do it after every meal. This can make sure that there are no food particles sticking in between that may lead to plaque. We can  teach you the proper way of flossing your dental crown. Essentially, you should lift the particles out and not sliding it through the teeth. This is to avoid the crown from shifting out of place.

Avoid or limit eating sticky foods as they can only adhere to your dental crown’s surface. After you eat, make sure that you brush and floss to reduce stains and prevent deterioration of dental crown.

Worn Dental Crown

If the dental crowns are already worn out and completely discolored, we may recommend replacing them. Bear in mind that a dental crown can get damaged over time. Its life span will depend on how you take care of them.

A dental crown can last from five to fifteen years. To extend the life of your dental crown, make sure that you maintain your office visits. We will help maintain the beautiful appearance of the crown and extend its longevity.

Some medications may also cause dental crown to discolor. Talk to us about the medicines you’re taking.

In some rare cases, the dental crown discoloration can be the result of a systemic disease. At Pecan Park Dental, we have a team of dental experts who can help you identify the real reason for the tooth discoloration on your dental crown.

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