Dental Implants in Arlington, Texas


Whether you are losing your first permanent tooth, or you already have a tooth replacement solution that you are dissatisfied with, you may be thinking about what your options are to fully restore your smile. While there are a number of different choices available to you, dental implants are considered to be the most esthetic, effective and long-lasting of all.

We are delighted to be able to offer a comprehensive dental implant service delivered by our experienced and knowledgeable team. Here is everything that you need to know.

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About the design of dental implants

It is the design of dental implants that make them truly unique and gives patients the benefits for which they are known. The base of each implant is a thin, titanium post that is inserted into the jaw bone at a pre-determined point that is decided with pinpoint accuracy. This is important because your implant surgeon will want to ensure that the implant placement doesn’t interrupt any major nerves or blood vessels. The entry point for the implant post is via the gums, through which a small hole is drilled that extends down into the jaw bone. The implant post will be placed and will extend from the jaw right through and just beyond the gum tissue.


Once the implant post has been inserted, a natural process called osseointegration will begin. This is where the bone in the jaw will heal around the post, anchoring it permanently in place. The strength and durability of dental implants completely rely on osseointegration. If it fails, so too will your implant. This process can take a number of months, and your implant provider will check on the progression of this healing to ensure that your implant is properly secured.

The visible part of your implant

Finally, a special connector, called an abutment, will be attached to the top of the implant post, and to this, the visible part of the replacement tooth will be attached. This will take the form of a custom-designed crown that has been created in the perfect proportions to fit in the gap left by your missing tooth. Your final crown will not be fitted until your implant provider has confirmed that osseointegration has been successful. In the meantime, you will be fitted with a temporary, generic crown so that you can still use your teeth as normal.

The benefits of dental implants

Dental implants offer a variety of advantages over conventional tooth loss solutions such as bridges and dentures. These include the following:

Greater discretion: since they are so secure and do not slip or move around when you talk or eat, dental implants are less prone to being noticed by those around you.

Blend in with your natural smile: the crowns of dental implants can be created in a shade of porcelain that closely resembles your natural teeth. This enables your artificial tooth to blend in seamlessly, adding to the discretion of the solution.

Superior strength: dental implants don’t rely on any neighboring teeth for support. Instead, encasing the titanium post in bone gives the solution far greater strength than any alternative.

Less maintenance: since they are permanently secured in place, dental implants need very little, if any, maintenance. Most patients find that their usual dental check-ups and professional cleans are sufficient for keeping their implant in tip-top condition.

Easy cleaning: dental implants can be brushed and flossed just like regular teeth. There is nothing to remove, no awkward elements to clean around. Patients who opt for dental implants often enjoy better oral health as a result of their choice.

Long-lasting investment: if you look after your dental implants well, it is not unreasonable to expect them to last upwards of twenty years, making them an excellent investment in the function and appearance of your smile.

If you are looking for a tooth replacement solution that offers superior discretion and longevity, look no further than dental implants. To find out more about this revolutionary treatment, or to book an appointment to come in and discuss your candidacy, please get in contact with our experienced dental team today. Visit our offices in Arlington, TX or call us on (817) 873-3300.